Sunbather Heating

Sunbather is proudly Australian and committed to local manufacture. They continually test the performance and durability of their materials under Australian conditions. Read about the a few options below and contact us to find out which solar system would best suit your pool.


Flexible Solar

Sunbather Flexible Solar heating options are a great looking, very economical and are the most effective way to heat your pool. Developed in conjunction with the CSIRO and manufactured in Melbourne for 45 years.

Their unique HiPEC solar pool heating combines optimum tube diameter, spacing, and thickness to deliver a higher thermal heat transfer. HiPEC is tougher, lighter, and delivers higher thermal response than alternatives. The connections are made from tough ABS plastic, it has the highest UV rating possible and is the easiest to install.



Suntube-2 is easily the toughest solar system made anywhere in the world and is only rigid solar panel system made in Australia. Every component in the system has been redesigned for greater strength and durability.

The super tough tube connections are totally encased and shielded and at least three times more secure than an insert. It won the 2019 National Sustainable Product of the Year - SPASA Awards of Excellence. With patented roof clamps, this removes the need to penetrate a tiled roof, which eliminates the risk of a leak when drilling into tiles.


SOlar Controlers

SunSwitch controllers not only look better, but they are also the simplest and smartest solar controller available compatible with any type of solar pool heating system. Available in wireless and wired models, SunSwitch has every situation covered.

SunSwitch has a unique Energy Saving mode though will constantly monitor the pool and roof temperatures and turn back on when required.