Salt Pools

Current estimates place salt chlorination in over 75% of all pools in Australia and New Zealand. BioGuard has therefore developed the following range of salt pool products to enhance the operation of salt pools.


Salt Pool Stain & Scale Control

BioGuard Salt Pool Stain & Scale Control is a liquid sequestering agent that prevents the formation of scale in salt chlorinated pools. It Prevents formation of crystalline calcium, magnesium and other water hardness ions and helps remove many freshly deposited metal stains from surfaces.


Salt Cell Cleaner

BioGuard Salt Cell Cleaner is designed to effectively clean chlorinator cells of scale deposits and other material without damaging the cell. It also improves cell efficiency which prolongs cell life and reduces running costs. It also won’t damage cells unlike straight hydrochloric acid.


Salt Pool Stabiliser

BioGuard Salt Pool Stabiliser is a granular cyanuric acid for use in salt chlorinated systems that prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight and prolongs salt cell life. It reduces maintenance costs by extending the life of salt cell, reducing the chlorine consumption and therefore chlorine generation demands.


Salt Pool Protector

BioGuard Salt Pool Protector is a highly effective algae inhibitor that works extremely well with salt chlorinators to prevent and kill a broad variety of algae. It's effective against all common and many mutant strains of algae and provides long-lasting protection in salt chlorinated pools. It will also aid in the faster remove dead algae.


Salt Pool Sparkle

BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle is a maintenance oxidiser for salt chlorinated pools with a unique blend of oxidising and clarifying agents. It allows swimmers back in water quicker and is totally soluble, dissolving almost instantly. It will destroy chloramines and musty odours with the clarifying agents aiding the filter in removing small suspended particles.


Salt Pool Sticks

BioGuard Salt Pool Sticks are 225g sticks that dissolve much slower than regular trichlor sticks or tablets when the pump is off and can last up to twice as long. Designed for weekly skimmer application to augment salt chlorination it won't cloud the water and will help maintain stabiliser level and improve salt cell efficiency.